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Our Showrooms comprise a comprehensive collection of significant wood flooring sample panels and antiques displayed over 1500sq ft.


Unit 5 The Bluestone Centre
Sunrise Way
Solstice Park


We are only one minute’s drive off the A303 at Solstice Park Services. (In front of Screwfix)

45 minutes from M25 / M3 Junction
90 minutes from London – Bath – Taunton – Cotswolds – Cheltenham – Honiton
30 minutes from Winchester – Marlborough – Hungerford – Salisbury – Devizes
60 minutes from Oxford – Dorchester – Yeovil – Guildford – Burford



T: 01980 625857

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SHOWROOMS OPENING TIMESCharlecotes Original Oak Flooring logo with recumbent stag

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Please Call Us today  01980 625857

We are currently very busy with projects and are often at meetings onsite throughout the country therefore it is best to give us a call to make an appointment for a convenient time to suit everyone which allows you time to relax and explore our extensive display of wood floors…….thank you 


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Charlecotes Original Oak Flooring is located in the heart of the South of England supplying and providing an exceptional, dedicated service to clients throughout on all projects Nationwide and Worldwide.

Working with Architects, Interior designers, Quantity Surveyors and Builders in London, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Dorset, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Kent, Sussex…..and other counties throughout the UK.

Visit the showrooms to explore Bespoke, truly handmade ultimate wood floors to include, Solid and Engineered, known for our exceptional wide planks and lengths 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600mm Widths – 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 metre Lengths. Our range includes new, antique reclaimed, herringbone, chevron, Versailles, Chantilly Parquet, planks, Prime, Select and Character Grades.

Wonderful collection of colours and finishes, brushed, blasted, smooth, polished face, new and antique reclaimed. Hand Made in UK.

Staki manufacture high quality engineered wood flooring with a multi layer birch plywood with a real oak top layer.

Staki Wide Plank Flooring creates a seamless, luxurious and elegant style. Finishes include Staki Natural Oil, Clear Lacquer, Smoked.

Staki Plank Wood Floors / Flooring wide with and long lengths Engineered Oak Fooring pre-finished and unfinished to include a range of popular colours and oil / lacquer finishes. 220mm width x 20mm thickness x 2400mm lengths or 180mm width x 15mm thickness x 2400mm lengths.

Staki Wood Floors Asphalt Grey – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors BP Lacquered – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Ebony – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Natural – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Smoked & Oiled – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Tobacco – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Unfinished – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Walnut – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Brushed & White Oil – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Blanc – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Cuba – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm
Staki Wood Floors Chestnut – 20mm x 220mm x 2400mm

Staki Plank Engineered Oak Wood Floors – Best Prices.

Ted Todd Wood Flooring Showroom in the South – South West serving Interior Designers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Builders, Developers, Contractors and Private Clients.

Call Us to discuss your project, visit the showrooms to discover the collections of Ted Todd hardwood Floors available.

An in-house team of residential & commercial wood flooring specification consultants are available to support architects, designers, developers and flooring contractors. As a commercial customer, you’ll be eligible for a discount price.

Ted Todd Wood Floors have been FSC compliant since 1997, and are proud to offer more FSC and PEFC certified products than any wood flooring company.

We offer a free, same-day-dispatch sample service.
Samples can be easily ordered via our website, or by calling 01980 625857.

All Ted Todd flooring is stored at the Cheshire HQ. Meaning they can be delivered to your site the day following your order*


We are the market leaders in appreciating the importance of sustainable sourcing and won’t do business with any supplier who can’t prove the origin of their timber. The vast majority of our new wood floors are FSC™ or PEFC certified – we’ve been FSC™ compliant since 1997, long before it was a mainstream issue.

Most companies charge extra for this certification, whereas we include this as a given at no extra cost because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Consider these points when choosing wood flooring to make the most sustainable choice possible:

Only use certified floors – Limit carbon intensive materials by using FSC™ and PEFC certified floors (not just accredited companies) that are harvested as part of responsible and sustainable forest management.

Specify long life wood – Choose carbon capturing materials by specifying long life wood products that lock away carbon and can be regenerated. This is about moving away from single-use floors to those that can be refurbished over decades and being prepared to choose floors with the least environmental impact.

Consider the lifetime cost – Long lasting wood floors can be easily reused and reclaimed so take into account the lifetime cost of the floor if possible. For example, consider wood floors with thicker wear layers where possible (at least 3 or 4mm), so that floors can be re-sanded.

Wood Flooring Restoration & Annual Maintenance

Can you imagine cleaning a huge country mansion, the likes of which National Trust teams tackle each and every year? Inside our houses are a hive of activity during the winter months, as conservation teams dust, vacuum and polish their hearts out.

In addition to being able to give the house an in-depth clean, winter gives us an opportunity to closely examine every item for signs of wear and pest activity, and to update our records. Of course we’re constantly monitoring the collection and we keep the house clean throughout the year, but during the winter we do this on a much greater scale. And now we’ll be doing this more than ever before in front of visitors.

To polish or not to polish Wood Floors?

We assess each item individually as to whether to polish it or not.

Cleaning Wood Floors on a grand scale

Can you imagine cleaning a huge country mansion, the likes of which National Trust teams tackle each and every year?

Nevermind the sheer size of the places involved and the number of rooms, there are delicate and historically important objects everywhere – from carpets, tapestries and ceramics to marble busts, carved wooden staircases – oh and a suit of armour or two! It requires an in-depth understanding of antiques as well as antique wood floors.Traditional Wax Polish, vinegar and paraffin on a woollen cloth, as it buffs floors amazingly and when you have lots of wooden floors to keep in tip top condition it is invaluable.

Floor waxes and old floors

Polish will help to protect a surface from grit, grime, water and stains. But a heavy build- up of polish will inhibit the floor’s ability to ‘breath’ which can hasten decay. It will also increase the risk of slipping. Highly polished surfaces, and those which seal the surface, were rare before the 19th century. The term floor wax covers a wide range of both natural and synthetic materials. The three main types in used today can be classified as:

  • Traditional solvent-based floor wax

  • Proprietary solvent-based floor wax

  • Water-based emulsion floor wax

    Most are available in liquid or paste form.

Beeswax Polish, traditional polish can be used on all types of wood and is particularly suitable for open-grained wood such as oak and pine (also used for furniture and panelling). It feeds timber and will prevent excessive dryness. Thin coats can also be applied
to timber floors and some other natural types of flooring, such as stone flags. In all situations where a new finish is to be applied a test should be carried out first on the material to which it is to be applied.


Polish should be applied rarely and sparingly but frequent dry buffing will help to protect the floor and keep the surface free from
dirt. Once an acceptable coat has been established a further overall coat may only be necessary about once a year. New applications should be restricted to areas subject to use and wear to avoid a build up of wax elsewhere on the floor. Excessive wax can trap dirt, darken floors and form a slippery surface.

Application is with a soft cloth, brush or electric polisher. Warming the polish eases the operation and helps to force the wax into crevices. Adequate ventilation will help to dry the polish.
A liquid polish can be used for cleaning a waxed floor prior to adding extra polish to an existing polished surface. On the rare occasions when it is necessary to remove existing polish, white spirit can be used.


These are made from synthetic materials, using waxes such as paraffin dissolved in solvents such as white spirit. Most of these waxes are derived from petroleum and contain additives such as silicone, designed to increase water repellency qualities and to form a hard glossy finish. As a result the breathability qualities of an old floor are impaired and the non-slip advantages of using a traditional polish may be reduced.