Original Antique Reclaimed Oak Plank Wood Flooring Engineered and Solid

Explore the World of Original Antique Reclaimed Wood Floors available in Engineered or Solid, Oak, Pine, Elm from Original Oak Flooring at Solstice Park, Wiltshire.
From 17th, 18th Century Pit Sawn boards, Wide original reclaimed oak floorboards, antique reclaimed Versailles and Chantilly Panels with traditional hand finishes.

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Our dedicated, great passion for restoring the most beautiful antique and reclaimed oak plank wood floors, Engineered or Solid.

We then apply all our in depth knowledge and passion, into restoring the original antique, reclaimed wood which is often Oak, Elm, Chestnut and Spruce Pine. This work starts with cleaning and repairing each and every board individually.

Restoring the surface of the floor demands endless hours and knowledge. The final finish of an antique, reclaimed floorboards has the most wonderful patina that has built up, the fine quality of original antique, reclaimed wood floors to love for further generations.

Many of our wood floors are destined for projects that will use underfloor heating systems and to ensure that these floors are compatible and therefore we produce these as engineered construction. This makes them stable and straight forward to install.

If you would like to find out more about our antique and reclaimed oak wood floors please get in touch on 01980 625857 and we will be most pleased to help with your enquiry.